Breaking Ties with Toxic

Recently, I was listening to a dear friend of mine talk about how difficult it was to break away from a toxic family member . She feels torn. Sad. Angry. Family is supposed to help each other; not … Source: Breaking Ties with Toxic

A Declined Invitation

Issuing an invitation is an act of vulnerability. We put our hearts out with every invite by offering a piece of ourselves to the other person. We are saying ‘I want you. You matter to me and… Source: A Declined Invitation

Finding Vision In The Wilderness

Don’t Come This Far, To Only Come This Far! Women love transformation. Whether it’s in the realm of appearance, home décor or our relationships womenlove the innate nature of metamorphosis. As women we often heed towards aesthetics. Color, shape, flowers, scents, tone of voice, bubbly feelings and constant thoughts of… Him. Ideally, Christian women envision … Continue reading Finding Vision In The Wilderness


We are our biggest critics. As woman we critique, assess, analyze, question and berate ourselves. We question the motives of others but rarely examine our own. Life is a journey and as we migrate towards life's cross-roads we bring with us carry on luggage filled with loads of... animosity, bitterness,spite,pride,anger,toxicity,rape,emotions,worthlessness, and abuse. Spiritually speaking, life … Continue reading The SOUL-LUTION Is: