You’ve been praying real hard.

You’ve been sinning and honestly, you don’t really know who you are.

Out here chasing your dreams, panting and panicking because you can’t keep up. Afraid of falling in too deep, praying for sanity because you keep wondering, thinking, hoping, and wishing for peace.


“They say It’s been a minute since we’ve caught up, and Its your fault you don’t keep in touch.”

They notice your absence, your silence, and you notice it too.

They wanna know whats been going on with you.


To be honest:

You’ve  been spending way too long in the mirror.

You haven’t stopped thinking about what happened.

You’ve been scared of being alone for a minute, silence scares you and you’d rather have distraction than solitude..

You keep wondering why you haven’t finished, you’ve been constantly in competition with yourself; comparing someones highlight reel with your dim lit reality.

You haven’t really slept in months.

You’ve been keeping all this inside, all because of pride.

You’ve been feeling like you’re wasting time and if you said you were okay, you’d be lying.

You’ve been trying to stay in His face, but how can you when you hate looking at yours? You’ve been trying to right your wrongs but God keeps telling you He’s paid it all.

You’ve been wondering if this is all that life has to offer, wondering if you have purpose and if you are even worth it.

You’ve been spending way too long pondering if you’ve  grown spiritually.

Harboring un-forgiveness since he ran out on you.

You’ve been trying to figure this out on your own, You feel like Jesus undressed your soul and left you exposed. You’d rather He just let you go and you’ll figure this thing out on your own.


You crave for a moment in your thoughts.

He tells you how much He wants you to abide in Him because He’ll abide in you, but that’s too close, too much vulnerability which makes you uncomfortable.

You think It’s kind of scary how much He wants you, and pursues you. Low key you wish that He wouldn’t.

Deep inside you know you can’t do this on your own, you feel Him calling you to come home.

You won’t leave your comfort zone until you get one more dream, another confirmation, one more prophecy, one more minute.

Just so you’ll know it’s real.


To be honest:

When you look in the mirror He wants you to know you’re beautifully and wonderfully made.That you’re altogether beautiful and that there is no flaw in you.

When you feel alone he wants you to know that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

When you pray he hears you and you don’t need to pray extra hard because He knows.



 You aren’t wasting His time and You’re forgiven, His tone won’t tell you otherwise.


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