Breaking Ties with Toxic

Recently, I was listening to a dear friend of mine talk about how difficult it was to break away from a toxic family member . She feels torn. Sad. Angry. Family is supposed to help each other; not … Source: Breaking Ties with Toxic

A Declined Invitation

Issuing an invitation is an act of vulnerability. We put our hearts out with every invite by offering a piece of ourselves to the other person. We are saying ‘I want you. You matter to me and… Source: A Declined Invitation

We Wear Worthlessness On Wednesdays

Walk in your worth, not in your worthlessness. -Holy Spirit I often start my blog posts with an intrinsic illustration of whatever is nestled in my minds eye; whether it's through descriptive language or witty writing to essentially evoke discussion. However, this time, the Lord wanted me to be as direct and straightforward as possible. … Continue reading We Wear Worthlessness On Wednesdays