Writings on The Wall

Writing on the Walls 


Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, night gets longer and everyone’s social media page gets busier.

Summer is the perfect time to showcase ones vocation, vacation, endeavors or simply frivolous activities. However, this is also a time where women regret the many choices made over the last several months.

“Yes, cute but not summer ready,” and that is copacetic.

According to Psychologist at Liberty University Jennifer Nodal “as the summer approaches women are looking to showcase their “best selves.” However, as a woman being lead by the Holy Spirit and staying true to who you are and how God designed and created you to be will keep you in top shape spiritually.” Says Nodal.

According to a recent 2016 study done by Dove research reveals that girls want to make social media a more positive place.

In fact; the study shows that 62% of girls wish social media would teach and empower them about body positivity, instead of being a place of negativity and defeat.

In 2015, Dove and Twitter embarked on a partnership to encourage women to #SpeakBeautiful and help change the way we talk about beauty on social media.

“As Christian women we are held up to an integral standard and we must act as such. Being aware of what you post and your motive and intention behind what you’re posting is vital and necessary.” Says Nodal

When faced with the dilemma on what to post and what not to post, a woman’s faith should be at how a woman conducts herself.

“Social media is a great opportunity for women to show their faith because it is quick. Women can showcase and are encouraged to showcase their faith by displaying to their audience what God is teaching them, verses that are of encouragement, and being able to connect with other women and holding themselves accountable to reach out to other women as far as letting someone know that she is praying for them.” Says Nodal

According to my poll results on Dove’s and Twitter’s campaign #SpeakBeautiful and retweeting an invitation from dove according to my tweets about my self is doubt and 12 percent of my tweets are less positive when I am talking about beauty and body image.

According to a study done by InStyle weekly magazine the majority of women said that after receiving a social media compliment they are motivated to post more compliments on others’ feeds.

“Being able to model what God’s love looks like through your social media page, yet being able to share yourself and staying transparent. Social media allows women to share their voice and to use it in a positive way and ultimately integrating her faith into it.” Says Nodal

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