Social media is like an abstract painting by artist Pablo Picasso. The social outlet provides such a variety of angles whether it’s with a selfie stick or someones boisterous opinion on a post.

Much like the transcending painting; social media takes shape and eventually derives a life of its own. It creates an illustration much different from one person to the next. However, the effects are the same.

The art of connectivity surrounds social media. It provides an immense sense of closeness yet, cyber-space creates the reality of distance. Social media creates a highlight reel of ones life which is often equipped with vacation, vocations, personal achievements, friendship, and numerous good days.

That highlight reel however, fails to show the ‘real’ issues.

Who does one go to with their “real issues?” the issue(s) that if stated will provoke friends to give their filtered opinion and judgments, nestled with limited likes, deletion of friends, and isolation.

Does one go to God or the bible?


According to Marketdata Enterprise Inc 2014 annual report Americans are heeding towards self help books with a 6.1 percent in growth sales in 2014. Self-help books can range from topics such as health, relationships, spirituality, leadership, and much more.

This generation craves authenticity. The craving is to be more self-aware yet, to maximize ones overall sense of happiness is the ultimate conquerer.

“People are always searching for answers and that creates conflict whether that is being in a difficult situation, or whether that’s simply starting your day off on the right foot. There is always a battle going on in each one of our lives. Humans naturally seek to know and have that desire to better themselves. Said Jennifer Nodal Psychologist at Liberty University.

Christian self-help books according to Google Trends has decreased by almost 70 percent since 2004.

“With the rise of fluidity in this generation where there is no right or wrong, the rise of secular self help books opens up the door for people’s opinions towards many issues and how they’d choose to go about something because they are searching.” Said Nodal.

Though, self help books has its place, as a Christian it should not be used to replace the true word of God and to attain a holistic approach towards everything even books

“As a christian I will automatically gravitate towards the Christian blogs, the books, etc. However, I will also gravitate towards secular books which has research, data and information that will be prevalent to me. However, those resources should not the place of the written word of God.” Nodal said.

Being scripturally sound keeps one vigilant and discerning with what is out there and what is read can and will have an effect on the spirit. Being aware of how something can influence you and how one goes about retaining and using that information will keep one aware of not only themselves but others.

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