We are our biggest critics.

As woman we critique, assess, analyze, question and berate ourselves. We question the motives of others but rarely examine our own.

Life is a journey and as we migrate towards life’s cross-roads we bring with us carry on luggage filled with loads of…

animosity, bitterness,spite,pride,anger,toxicity,rape,emotions,worthlessness, and abuse.

Spiritually speaking, life has the innate tendency to have one attached to things that are not Christ-like. Those attachments whether physical or mental will often times have one feeling like they are enslaved, in chains, or yoked to the grips of sin both mentally and spiritually.


the state of being bound by or subjected to some external power or control.

The purpose of The SOULlution is to empower and educate young woman ages 20-30 on simple, but thought-provoking ways on how it is possible, through our Lord Jesus Christ to attain spiritual liberation. Whether it means walking away from a toxic relationship, or experiences such as a divorce, rape, or other emotional trauma.

  The SOULlution proposes efforts to liberate young woman through God’s word and by the power of the Holy Spirit. The SOULlution hopes that through topics like true beauty, prayer, social-life, devotion, relationships, singleness, and family that The Soul will be liberated, chains will be broken and iron will sharpen iron. The SOULlution’s main purpose is for you to ultimately ditch the baggage and attain perfect peace. 

Through my story of redemption and healing from the hurts of emotional baggage my mission is to ultimately come alongside young woman as a best-friend, sister, and mentor. My hope is to encourage one blog-post at a time through her process of healing.

This blog-site will ultimately relate and enable young woman using the tools I have received from the Lord in dealing with my testimony on many of the topics that I will cover. Through my testimony I will guide you with the necessary mechanisms through Christ Jesus to help in His process of mending your broken heart.

I look forward to walking alongside you and Christ as we journey together to ultimately


With hope,


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